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Vienna Hypertext is a software company building an app for working with ideas.

We are interested in computing ideas from the '60s and '70s, the kind that saw the computer as a tool for the intellectual and artist. One such idea, very influential, is Project Xanadu, whose creator coined the term hypertext.

At root, we are seeking to reclaim the computer as a tool for thought by reviving ideas that came before their time. We believe in Computer Renaissance, and see ourselves at the intersection of technology and philosophy.

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Some Thoughts on the Internet

The Year 2021

The internet was supposed to be a giant leap toward techno utopia. It was supposed to be a tool that would allow each of us to peacefully, thoughtfully, and creatively live fulfilling lives. But it has turned out to be nothing more than a giant media company.

Almost every aspect of our culture has been commercialized, sanitized, and packaged. Computing, now quite far from the escape the 60’s dreamed of, only managed to create a new generation of internet mega corps, who in turn invented a new, digital breed of consumerism.

These corporations have near total control over the flow of information in our society. By controlling what is posted and consumed, they determine the overall culture, the overall values, and the overall truths.

Large internet companies, who already enjoy special access to our government, are trending toward something much darker. The end result looks to be that the churning industrial machine that is internet technology will merge into the machine of the state at the highest level, and the internet will become yet another tool of state control.

Without fundamental changes to everyday life on the internet, we are all destined to become digital serfs, continually driven to distraction by the constant assault of form without meaning.


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What would the Internet look like if we started over?

Newell Convers Wyeth - Black Spruce Ledge (1939)
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